Rosé kalveren Netherlands

Millstream Veghel

On average there are about 1400 rose calves present at the farm in Veghel. The calves arrive at an age of 12 weeks. At that time they don’t drink milk anymore and are fully equipped with roughage, raw materials and compound feed.

120420-kalveren-veghel-5 The rose calves are fed with corn, potato chips, bread flour, soya, rapeseed, various compound and vitamins / minerals. The 100ha maize silage is purchased locally and stored in silage on location. At the location of the farm, various silage storages are available for raw materials. These high quality products should be stored under good conditions.
The calves will stay until the age of 8 months after they will be delivered to the meat companies as “young rose”.
Young rose is a very high quality piece of worthy tender veal.
For cooking tips of pink meat: