Horses Netherlands

Besides the cows, horses paly also an important part of Landbouwbedrijf Snepvangers
Each year about 6 to 7 new born foals are raised at the farm.

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The young horses will be raised for both show jumping and dressage. At the stables at the Huybergsebaan (nearby Heimolen). the mother horses, her young foals and the ‘yearlings’ (1 year of age) are kept.

De foals grow up in couples. During the summer they graze at the grassfields around Heimolen. During winter, they are kept in the stables in a group of 2 or 3 together.

At the age of 3, the young horses will individualy be judged on their quality. The mares who are fit to get potentially an official listing at the Dutch register for horses, will be prepared for the formal qualification process. The horses that seem to have talent for show jumping or dressage will be taught to wear a sadle and further trained for competitions in the future.
The horses that are fit for competition will be moved to the stables at the Heimolen. Miranda will train them for show jumping and Louise fo dressage.
If the horse develops very well during training at Millstream and perform very well during competition, mostly they will be (sometimes partly) sold to new owners.

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