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Agricultural company Snepvanger: Millstream

The company is specialized in dairy and “rose”meat and has for each specialisation dedicated locations. Besides this, Snepvangers is active in crop production on the arable land he has available. He also provides with his company Agricultural services to other farmers or governmental bodies like land preparation, maintenance of natural protected land and harvesting.
Abroad the company is involved in setting up a new dairy farm in Moldova.

Satisfaction in the job, driving new challenges and ensuring a trustwordy place of the agricultural sector in society, are the important drives of the Millstream companies. As we all know, food production is a necessary activity in the world and it gives a huge challenge to lead and manage such a divers agricultural company taken into account all the requirements and conditions of current times.
Continuous monitoring of the efficiency and quality is a key element for the farms. The delivered products like milk and meat need to be always from a reliable and high quality.
The products are therefore produced in a responsible and sustainable manner at the farm of Millstream, with great attention to animal welfare and the environment. A well-balanced milk and meat production gives the company a lot of satisfaction. For this, all of the Millstream companies have also all necessary quality certificates for the production of milk and meat.