Dairy Netherlands

The dairy farm at Heimolen has an average of 135 milking cows, 15 “dry” cows and about 140 calves. The average cow produces about 9800 kg of milk per day.
In 2013, a new dairy stable will become operational for an additional 200 milking cows. The construction of a new stable was necessary due to the lack of space in the existing stable. The new stable with new technology will contribute to more labor efficiency, animal welfare and production of higher quality milk.

For growing food for the cows and arable land, the company has 235 ha of land available. Part of this land consists of permanent natural grassland.
The cows are fed with grass, hay, corn, and various concentrated food and also with minerals and vitamins.
All these ingredients will be mixed and after that offered to the cows. The mixing is exactly measured, weighed and recorded on the kg.


Sjack and Miranda both manage the company and they find it very important that the role of the agricultural sector will have and maintain a good and trustfull place in the surroundings and society. Being a dairy farmer, means that you need to do your part also to make this happen. Sjack is therefore continiously looking for new developments and inovated solutions when he makes new investments. He believes that these investements need to be in line with the desire in the society to produce sustainable, environmental friendly and to improve animal welfare. To show the society also how they operate the farm, Sjack and Miranda organise regularly - whether or not associated with for example FrieslandCampina - open days so everyone is able to get a fair view of what happens on a dairy farm.