Team Moldova

teammoldova Millstream Moldova has a streong team of partners who all have 1 clear objective: make the dairy farm into a success. It is a combination between Dutch and Moldovan partners and they are willing to create a well functioning, sustainable and profitable farm that will bring high quality milk and farming techniques into Moldova and make the nex step in development of this country.

The Dutch partners:

  1. Sjack and Miranda Snepvangers (Dairy farmers in The Netherlands)
  2. Jim Boet (Manager of the Moldovan farm)
  3. Jan Willem Borgers (Veterinairian in The Netherlands)
  4. Henk de Jong (lawyer and entrepreneur)
  5. FMO (Dutch Developmentbank)

For further info about the Dutch partners:

Nederlandse Partners

The Moldovan Partners:

  1. Iwan Guranda (local Agricultural entrepeneur)
  2. Lapmol (Milk factory)

For further info about the Moldovan partners:

Moldavische Partners

besides these partners there is close coopertaion with other adivisors / partners that help to the success of this project:

  1. Euromol (financial and legal consultancy company in Moldova)
  2. Ministry of Agricultural affairs in Moldova
  3. Jan van Laar (Agriment: Agricultural advisor).

Despite the strong differences in culture, there is a great sens of understanding between the partners to achieve the same objective: start and build up a well functioning dairy farm in Moldava.