Location Moldova


The dairy farm is located in Goleni. In the surroundings of the farm, the company has 250ha land at its disposal for the cultivation of crops. Goleni is a village in the north of Moldova. The nearest large town is Edinet, where also the main local authorities have their offices. The company is located in a former state farm from the Soviet Union time. This was once a large beef cattle farm. Of the remaining buildings, only a barn, a house and silo are in such condition that it can be used for the new dairy farm. The existing infrastructure (2 water towers and electricity connection with an existing transformer) can also be used for the new dairy farm.
Here you see, the map of Moldova where the location is indicated in Goleni. The linked photo is a satellite photo of the location at the situation as it was bought. In yellow, the planned new or rebuilt structures are indicated.


On the dairy farm the following constructions will be present:

1. Stable for 230 dairy cows

This is a dairy barn based upon Dutch design (dimensions 28 m wide, 100 m long and 9.6 m high) and all equipment and instruments are purchased in the Netherlands.

Drawing of the stable

2. Young cattle

An existing stable will be used for the purpose to keep the young calves. Construction work will be executed to make it fit for this purpose.

3. House and Restroom

Another existing building is used to transform it into the house for the Dutch manager. In addition there will be a separate section in this building dedicated to the staff for changing clothes and take a shower before they come into contact with the cows. This section also has a canteen where staff can eat and drink.

4. Food Storage

The remainings of another old stable will be constructed into food storage for dry food. From this storage location the food for the cows can be packed picked and mixed for daily consumption.

5. Manure Basin

According to Dutch standards and with Dutch materials and equipment, a new manure basin is created for manure of the cows. This manure be stored in the basin and will be used to fertilize the land.

6. Silos

An existing silage (100 m long and 16 m wide) has been refurbished for the corn which will be harvested every year. Additionally, a silage for the Lucerne will be created.

7. Water Tower


The water tower was already located on the farm. The tower has however been renewed because of some leakages. The pipes and pump have been also been renewed and constructed in such a way that it is protected against the harsh winter cold.
With the water tower, the company has its own water supply from groundwater, which quality has been checked and appeared to be exceptionally good. Also additional pipe connections have been made to the 2nd water tower on the farm, so that other local businesses and residents can water tap for their needs.

8. Electricity

The present supply of electricity is diverted to the desired location. In addition, the transformer has been renewed and new lines have been built to connect the buildings. Also the connections to the farm next door of our local partner Iwan Guaranda have been improved to ensure the electricity supply.