General Moldova

In 2010, Sjack Snepvangers and his employee Jim Boet started to develop a plan for setting up a dairy farm in Moldova. Years of preparation have finally led in 2013 to the start of a dairy farm with the purpose to have 230 cows on average at full production.

In the village Goleni (in the region of Edinet in the north of Moldova) the yard and buildings of an old state farm was purchased (12 ha), with the objective to develop a modern dairy farm. For this purpose, a totally new dairy stable has been constructed with a local construction company. This new stable is based upon dutch design, machinery and equipment. Besides the farm and constructed buildings, Millstream Moldova has 250 ha of agricultural land at its disposal for growing crops to feed the cows.

The operations at the dairy farm are in the hands of a dutch manager Jim Boet who lives at the farm. Together with the employees, the local partners and the local population, the farm will run its operations.
Main purpose for the dairy farm is to provide high quality milk during every month of the year. This high quality milk will be collected by one of the major dairy producers in Moldova: Lapmol. Lapmol is a innovative dairy manufacturer with strong needs for high quality milk. Lapmol is convinced that with the arrival of Millstream Moldova (with its knowledge, experiance and capital), the overall dairy sector in Molodva will improve and developed to a higher level