Agriculture company Snepvangers

Millstream Bergen op Zoom

Snepvangers dairy farm in Holland is located in Heimolen (Bergen op Zoom) and is a dairy farm that produces high quality milk for the dairy industry. The company has an average of 135 dairy cows and 140 calves.

For this farm, 260ha is available for food for the cows and arable farmland.
Part of this land consists of permanent natural grassland.

Sjack and his wife Miranda Snepvangers lead this company, together with a number of employees. Besides his operational activities for his Agricultural companies, Sjack is also member of the regional board of CRV (international enterprise in the field of cattle improvement) and participates in a studyclub of dairy farmers. Miranda is founder of the study club of Women of Agricultural farmers of the region West-Brabant and she is member of the board of KPWN (Royal Dutch Sport Horse) for region West- Brabant. Besides this, she is an active horserider and rides in average 2 to 3 horses per day and participates in jumping and dressage competitions.

Sjack and Miranda have 1 daughter: Kristy. Also she picked up the passion for animals from her parents. She has her own pony Siri and participates also in competition with Siri.

Millstream Veghel

Millstream Veghel is a beef cattle farm where in average 1400 rose-calves are kept.
The calves are at the farm until the age of 8 months after which they will be slaughtered as “young rose”. Young rose is a very high quality piece of tender veal.
Sjack leads this company and he has a local manager at the location in Veghel.

Millstream Dairy Moldova

Snepvangers company is a shareholder in the dairy farm “Millstream Dairy SRL”. This company has a dairy farm in Moldova. The farm is located in the north of Moldova in Goleni. The farm will have in average 230 dairy cows and it has 250 hectares of agricultural land at its disposal.
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